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Millennium Child Support Group provides unused medical supplies and equipment to non-profit organizations, clinics, hospitals, schools, and other health-focused organizations serving developing deprived communities.  We distribute a large number of consumable medical supplies and equipment to underprivileged communities.
Every day, some hospitals, clinics and health post in the deprived communities in Ghana are unable to deliver proper medical care as a result of lack of medical instruments or equipment.
All the facilities we partner with suffer from lack of medical supplies at their operating theatres, interventional radiology suites and other points of service within the hospital to include the critical care units. The lack of supplies affects the quality of care provided to the population served. Most of our partner facilities do not lack the human resources for treatment (typically qualified medical doctors are on staff) but the lack of supplies is a chronic issue at all times!
Our Medical supplies project would help to alleviate some of the burden on the medical care system deprived clinical facilities which always suffer from under budgeting, restrictions on imports and the exuberant cost of medical supplies.

Millennium Child Support Group will continue to provide medical-equipment and supplies to deprived communities in Ghana to improve their healthcare So far, 16 hospitals, clinics, health centres and posts, as well as local CHIPS compounds in eight regions of the country, have benefited from the medical. The organization is making it possible to procure an affordable and quality used medical equipment such as MRI systems, CT scanners, Ultrasound systems, X-Ray systems, Mammography units, as well as spare parts from Germany, Denmark and Japan





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Millennium Child Support Group is charitable and non-governmental organization (NGO) for nonpartisan programs that seek to promote the rights of children, defend human rights and rule of law, support freedom of information, accountability and transparency. Basically, we are dedicated to improving the quality of lives of underprivileged children to develop their full potential through good Health Care, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Education to prevent and report Child Sexual Abuse online
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'save the child, save the future, save the world'

Millennium Child Support Group

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