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Hello and welcome to our reporting page

We know that seeing images and videos of child sexual abuse can be upsetting. We want you to know that  by reporting to us you are doing the right thing.

Your report could lead to the rescue of a young victim from further abuse.

Reporting is quick and easy and you can report completely anonymously. But if you’d like to find out what  happened to your report at a later date, we’ll need your email address so we know how to contact you.

Please note: If you want to report a child at risk or you’d like to report something other than an online  image or video of child sexual abuse please contact your local police or child protection organisation for  advice.
What do you want to report?
Child sexual abuse image or video (including sexually explicit image of a child)
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Non-photographic child sexual abuse image (hosted in the Ghana)
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Want to remain anonymous?
We'll keep your contact details strictly confidential.

If you’d prefer to remain completely anonymous, then you can.

But if you’d like to know what happened with your report then we need your email address so that we can  send you a confirmation email with your unique reference number.

This way you can contact us for more information about your report and we can contact you if we need  more information from you.Your details

If you submit your details they will be recorded on the MCSG database for 3 months in case we need to  contact you for more information.
    They will then be deleted in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
    Your details will not be disclosed to third parties without your permission.

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Website details

In order for us to investigate a website we need its full address which is known as a URL e.g.  http://millenniumchildsupport.org/. You can find  this in the browser at the top of the page.

If you have any information you think may help us such as a description of where the content you are  reporting is located on a large website or username and password needed to gain access, please include it  in the description box.

If you have multiple webpages (URLs) to report, please include these in the description box.

Thank you.



Child abuse is everyone's business,
If you see something, say something,
Report it You may save a child's life.


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You can confidentially report

Child sexual abuse content online
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Millennium Child Support Group is charitable and non-governmental organization (NGO) for nonpartisan programs that seek to promote the rights of children, defend human rights and rule of law, support freedom of information, accountability and transparency. Basically, we are dedicated to improving the quality of lives of underprivileged children to develop their full potential through good Health Care, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Education to prevent and report Child Sexual Abuse online
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'save the child, save the future, save the world'

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