Medical supply

Medical supply

Medical supplies and equipment for hospitals and clinics in Ghana
Health care delivery in rural Ghana faces dire challenges, with a large portion of rural communities still without access to basic health care services.
Millennium Child Support Group (MCSG) procure medical supplies and equipment across the world, ship and distribute to hospitals and clinics in need of support in Ghana.

MCSG Hospital Support Project is a cost-effective approach to simultaneously alleviate deficiencies in access to medical equipment, clinical training, and biomedical engineering. This has facilitated sustainable improvement in the availability and quality of health care delivery for over 2 million people.
The MCSG Hospital Support Project consists of 3 major components:
We procure high priority life-saving and diagnostic medical equipment that empowers healthcare workers with the tools they need to effectively save lives and provide reliable care.

We run quarterly clinical training workshops for our inter-hospital community network of MCSG Ambassadors (senior nurses in each facility), which provides critical life-saving skills for hospital nurses, facilities collaboration and resource sharing, and trains on-ground volunteers on daily monitoring and data collection protocols.

We procure essential engineering tools and provide an annual 4-day national training conference for hospital engineers to ensure our donated equipment has maximum longevity and optimal function.


Medical Supplies

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