Why visit Ghana?
Visa requirement
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Why visit Ghana?

If you are looking for a cultural adventure in Africa or a safe English-speaking country in West Africa, it is difficult to argue for a different destination than Ghana.

Visiting Ghana is more about the immersive experience than typical touristy sight-seeing. The country is a confluence of rich heritage, culture, pride and hospitality which welcomes you from the heart.

Ghana is perhaps the only African country with a long stable democracy and healthy economy. This makes the place a safe all-weather travel destination. Crime rates are low, insurgency nil, and the country extremely hospitable to tourists.
BBC Report
Ghana is considered one of the more stable countries in West Africa since its transition to multi-party democracy in 1992.

Friendly People
Ghana is certainly the most welcoming country in the region, and according to Forbes magazine, was ranked the 11th friendliest country on earth. (The survey, conducted by Forbes in 2010, is the most recent Forbes survey to include Ghana.) In 2017, Jumia Travel, an online travel service, also gave Ghana recognition for being among the friendliest nations on earth. There is no other country in Africa that is so welcoming and hospitable.

Visa requirement- Ghana High Commission

All visitors to Ghana will need to apply for a visa. Depending on where you live, the cost of a visa for Ghana is between $75-$95. For more information visit  The Ghana High Commission  website in your country.

Ghana has several diplomatic missions worldwide. The following websites below is lists of diplomatic missions of Ghana


All visitors to Ghana must be in possession of a valid passport or legal travel documents.
All visitors entering Ghana must have valid entry visas or in the case of Commonwealth nationals, entry permits, issued by a Ghana diplomatic mission or consulate abroad or any other visa issuing authority mandated by the Ghana Government to act on its behalf. (ECOWAS nationals and those of other countries with which the Government of Ghana has specific bilateral agreements, are exempted).
The visa may be granted for single or multiple entry.
Please note that applicants may be interviewed.
The visa grants entry into Ghana within the stipulated time frame. Please note that the period of permitted stay in Ghana will be endorsed by Ghana Immigration at the point of entry. Applicants are therefore advised to contact the Ghana Immigration Service if their stay will extend beyond the endorsed period of permitted stay.
The visa form must be completed in CAPITAL LETTERS and submitted together with one (1) Recent passport-sized picture not later than three months before the date of application. Only one (1) application form is required.
Passport should be valid for at least six (6) months and must have at least two (2) blank pages opposite each other.
Fully completed application form in CAPITAL LETTERS in English
One recent passport size photograph (taken not more than three (3) months prior to application) and showing full face of applicant, without a hat, cap and sunglasses.
A photocopy of international certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever. 
A photocopy of the return ticket or a flight confirmation print-out from an acknowledged Travel Agency
Photocopy of the Biodata page of applicant’s passport.
Hotel reservation or an invitation letter (signed and dated) from a friend, business partner or relation in Ghana and a copy of their valid passport Biodata page or national identification card (for Ghanaian nationals) 
Visa Application Fee


All Applicants applying for a visa for MCSG volunteer would be provided with Official Letter in addition to your visa requirements stated above and accommodation arrangements. Additionally, the MCSG shall include a copy of its Registration certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate to Commerce Business from the Registrar General’s Department and or Certificate of Recognition from the Department of Social Welfare.
Find flight
We make flying for good easy
Finding flights online can be nerve-wracking, challenging and confusing that is why MCSG have decided to help make booking flights easy for our volunteers. Our team provides access to these exclusive flights and make the process of booking your volunteer trip easy and cheap. You can visit these sites for easy and cheaper bookings:
On FareCompare, you’ll find cheap flights for domestic and international travel. Since airlines change flight prices constantly, sign up for Fare Alerts and let FareCompare’s travel search engine monitor airline ticket prices of all major airlines.  

Travel insurance

MCSG believes that unexpected circumstances sometimes occur, that is why we advise our volunteers to have travel insurance before they embark on their trip. If you already have travel insurance cover through your health insurance or another provider, it is important to check it includes everything you need for your volunteer experience. You can also visit › travel-insurance to learn more.


What does MCSG Volunteer Do?

MCSG is a non-profit humanitarian organisation dedicated to provide assistance and protection to children especially girls in rural communities and augment government to provide quality education, affordable health care, peace and security. We also empower women, advocate for gender equality, improving water and sanitation in the deprived communities. We also offers volunteering and internship opportunities in Ghana

What kind of programs is available?
There’s a wide array of programs to choose from. Participants can make their choice based on their skills, educational qualification as well as something that aligns with their interest area.
Volunteers can choose to be a part of Childcare Programs, Teaching Programs, Community Development Programs, Disabled Care Programs, Women Empowerment Programs, Medical and Healthcare Outreached Programs as well as Sports Programs.
All volunteers can apply online to book their volunteer placement. The placements are given on an individual and group basis depending on the information given in your application and the project choice.

Why should I pay to volunteer?

Most people are surprised to hear that they would have to pay to volunteer abroad. What they often do not realize is that there are significant administrative costs involved in arranging a worthwhile volunteer abroad placement. 
Volunteering Solutions is not supported by any government funding and runs the programs entirely from the fee that volunteers pay to take part in the volunteer projects. There are several costs involved, such as food, accommodation, transportation, transfers, project selection etc. The program fee charged by us goes into providing you all these services. The money that you pay to us is distributed at various stages to provide you a meaningful volunteer abroad experience.
What is the Application Procedure?

All volunteers can apply online to book their volunteer placement. The placements are given on an individual and group basis depending on the information given in your application and the project choice.

When should I apply?

There is no deadline for registering for your program. However, it is advised to apply as soon as possible after you have decided on your choice of program and the desired dates. Every program has limited number of spots available and due to this reason, volunteers are requested to book their spot when as soon as they decide their program date. We abide by the first come first serve policy.

Do you I need special qualifications before I can apply as a volunteer?
All nationalities are welcome. You don’t need any special skills or experience to join one of our projects. Just a passion to help and a desire to contribute in any way you can to the communities that you visit.
What are the costs involved?

Please see the Program Costs page to check the cost of the program. MCSG Volunteer strives hard to keep costs low and offers one of the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. You can compare our prices and services to other organizations and you would be surprised to see the difference.  
Can I volunteer with a friend or a partner?

Yes. We will ensure that you get placed along with your friend or partner in the same project and also stay in the same accommodation. Volunteers need to inform us in advance and mention about the necessary requirements in the application form. 
What are the age requirements?

The minimum age requirement for individual participants for most of our programs is 17 years. Some programs also have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. However, volunteers below 17 years and children can join the program if they are volunteering as a part of a group (with adult members). We also welcome families to join our programs. There's no specific maximum age bar to join our programs - as long as you are healthy and fit enough to volunteer, you can join the journey.
Do you offer scholarships or financial Aid  ?

No, we do not have the funding to offer any scholarships or financial aid. We offer one of the most affordable volunteering programs and strive hard to keep our costs low whereby you can get the best low-cost volunteering experience. 

You can fundraise for the project you want to work for and MCSG Volunteer will be happy to provide with any documents or letters which you will require for the fundraising efforts.

Will MCSG Volunteer help in finding affordable flights?

Volunteering Solutions’ Travel Advisors will be glad to guide you while you book your flight tickets. We can suggest you cheap airways and websites from where you can book your tickets.


Will MCSG Volunteer help in getting the visa?

We shall guide you about the procedure to get Visa, and also provide with necessary documents if needed. For most of the destinations, you can either check online about getting Visa or visit your nearest Ghana High Commission for more information. ( )       ( )
Do I need Travel insurance?
Yes - travel insurance is compulsory for volunteers. For your convenience, we have arranged a comprehensive package specially designed for volunteering. It includes medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation, local ambulance expenses and trip interruption. 


Will I need vaccinations?
Yes. You need to be vaccinated and international certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever is required to entry Ghana
Are there Placement sites safe?

The safety and security of the participants are our prime concerns. All our placement sites are located in safe areas, in order to provide an incredible experience. However, while exploring the country, you should be careful about your belongings. Since most of the volunteering destinations are in developing regions, many of the natives might not be used to the regular things that you use in your daily life. Therefore, it’s always advised to be cautious.

Check out the safety tips that you need to remember while volunteering abroad.

Where do I stay during the program?

This depends on the project you chose. In most of the projects, volunteers stay in a volunteer house, budget hotel, and guest house or at host family accommodations. For certain projects, volunteers might have to stay at the placement site.

No matter where you stay, we'll ensure that you have all the basic necessities
How will I reach the accommodation?

Our in-country coordinator will be there at the airport to receive you, with a placard having your name written on it. He/ She will accompany you and take you to your accommodation. You will also be given an orientation about the place and transportation facilities.
Will I have time for sightseeing or exploring the country?

Yes, you will have the weekends free and you can do sightseeing as well as explore the most popular places of tourist interest in the country where you will be volunteering. Our local coordinators are always available to arrange any local trips. On the weekdays, volunteers and interns are free during the evenings to explore the local markets. We also have planned tours, about which you can find in your "My Account" section.

Can I know more about the meals?

Meals are provided 2 times a day, as mentioned in your program itinerary. Mainly, the local cuisine will be served, and it's absolutely healthy. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options are available, and if you have any specific preference, you can mention it in your application.
Will there be internet services available?

While most of the accommodations do have internet facilities, we cannot assure you about getting WiFi. However, there shall be internet cafes near your accommodation.
Can I get a private room for staying?
We usually accommodate rooms on same gender sharing basis. However, if you inform us about getting a single room and there's availability in the destination you choose, we shall be glad to offer you a private room. However, we cannot give assurance in this respect.
What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is outlined below.
All payments are subject to the conditions of our refund policy once the payment is received.
If a Volunteer chooses to withdraw for any reason prior to the program start date, MCSG must be notified in writing.
Certain portions of the program fees are refundable depending on the date of the written cancellation request. Refunds will be calculated according to the date in which MCSG receives this notification
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