A Few Words About The Organisation

Millennium Child Support Group is a humanitarian relief organisation

dedicated to improve the lives of vulnerable children in the deprived communities with quality education, good health care, protection of children, peace and security, supplying of medical equipment, water and sanitation.
We also empower marginalized women through entrepreneurship programs to achieve sustainable development from the grass root level.
Millennium Child Support Group opens Opportunity for Volunteers around the world who wishes to contribute meaningful to make a difference in life of vulnerable children by providing their time and expertise, working closely with local team in Ghana.  Our Volunteer always happy to leave back home with enormous experiences and a new cultural perspective.
Volunteering with MCSG provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.
We’ve rounded up our programs in Ghana to help you find the program that best suits your skills, goals and personal interests.

COVID-19 and Children
Children are not the face of this pandemic. But they risk being among its biggest victims. While they have thankfully been largely spared from the direct health effects of COVID-19 at least to date – the crisis is having a profound effect on their wellbeing. All children, of all ages, and in all countries, are being affected, in particular by the socio-economic impacts and, in some cases, by mitigation measures that may inadvertently do more harm than goodThis is a universal crisis and, for some children, the impact will be lifelong.
Moreover, the harmful effects of this pandemic will not be distributed equally. They are expected to be most damaging for children in the poorest countries, and in the poorest neighbourhoods, and for those in already disadvantaged or vulnerable situations.
Creating Transformational Change
Millennium Child Support Group is committed to using its resources as wisely as possible to help build a better future, and believes that its project initiatives should have a meaningful, long-lasting impact on the challenges being addressed.